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188th AHC and C/101
Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association

Unit Member Pictures - Reunions
2015 in Washington, DC (page 1 of 4)

Thank you to the veterans for sharing!

Front Row:
Kjell Tollefsen, James Thresher, Bill May, Joe Low, Todd Clemente, Bob Janes, & Tom Tuttle
Back Row: Doug Cooper, Bill Freeman, Lonnie Heidtke, Jackie L Beal, Leslie "Jessie" James, Bill Crabbe, Charlie Maurer, & Bill Bramlett

Missing: Terry Hunt, Larry Moak, Nick Palarino, & Bill May

Bill Crabbe & Joe Low at the 2015 Reunion

188th Reunion 2015 (late lunch) for Bob, Sharon, Charlie, Bill, & Joe

The Collage Plaque (to the left) with the names of our Black Widow fallen
was left at the Wall to be placed in the Museum

Present are: Kjell Tollefsen, Bob Janes, Bill Crabbe, & Joe Low
A full Crew- Co-Pilot, Aircraft Commander, Door-Gunner & Crew Chief

No one is ever forgotten
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