VHPA Black Widows & Spiders

188th AHC and C/101
Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association

Unit Member Pictures - Reunion 2006
Washington, DC

Thank you to the veterans for sharing!

Bobby Cormack with two guests:
CWO Rhodes and "Glen" Ford (who wishes he was a BW)

ORIGINAL Black Widows: Chuck Restivo (BW27), Mike Mullen (BW29)
Lee Rankin (BW17) and Paul Seagren (BW18)

Curt Gaskins

Bobby G. Cormack (BW20)

Doub (BW13) and Mrs Sue Cooper;
with BG lurking in the background (... photobomb!)

Kay & Randy Mains (BW25)

Bobby G. Cormack (BW20) and John "Juan" Crouch (CE 823)

Cormack says taht Crouch has some eye-eopening stories of flying with low level idiots.... By the way, who crashed 823??

Bob Janes BW24 (1967)
                   Mini-Reumion Coordinators

Bill Malo BW69 (1968-1969)

Lonnie Heidtke CC474 (1968-1969)
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