VHPA Black Widows & Spiders

188th AHC and C/101
Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association

Unit Member Pictures - Reunion 2011
Fort Wolters, TX

Thank you to the veterans for sharing!

Pat Cormack, Son of BW Bobby G. Cormack

Randy Mains, Author & Guest Speaker

Richard Cadreau & Bob Janes

Seated: B. Janes, H. Clark, R. Averette, B. Cormack & B. May
Standing: R. Green, N. Haber, D. Cooper, L. Moak, N. Duran,
B. Bramlett, & B. Bengston

Bob Bengston

Seated at the table: Richard Green & Neal Haber
Seated along the wall: Harold Clark & Nat Duran;
Larry Moak leaning on the chair

101st Reunion in Lexington, KY (August)
Kneeling: Jesse James, Roger Rowles
Standing: Bill Crouch, Kenny Simonian, John Nordenstrom,
Richard Park, Douglas Cooper, Cecil Bobo, & Walter Sitzwohl

Bob Janes BW24 (1967)
                   Mini-Reumion Coordinators

Bill Malo BW69 (1968-1969)

Lonnie Heidtke CC474 (1968-1969)
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