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Article found online – “Along came the Spiders”  By Capt. Dustin Healey, 4/3 Avn., 3rd CAB, TF Falcon

    FORWARD OPERATING BASE SALERNO, Afghanistan - Under a blanket of darkness two Black Hawks maneuver low to the ground as they advance vigilantly toward an enemy safe haven, poised to insert lethal ground forces. The twin 1,800-horse power engines roar with power as the 'hawks begin their approach into what is expected to be an extremely dusty landing zone in a dry river bed. The pilot calls, "one minute" as the crew chief relays back to the team leader on board with hand signals and a shout.
...By the time a 30-second call is passed back over the intercom system, the Soldiers' shouts of excitement and enthusiasm become a roar that seems to overcome the noise from the engines and the rotor blades.

     Based out of Forward Operating Base Salerno, these Black Hawks soaring through the air are not your ordinary helicopter unit. They are Company A, "SPIDERS" (4th Battalion, 3rd Aviation Regiment), 1st Battalion, 3rd Aviation Regiment, Task Force Viper's lethal Black Hawk unit who is continuously entrusted by Soldiers with the mission of safe passage across the P2K region of the provinces Paktika, Paktiya and Khowst.

    "Timely insertion of troops and equipment give ground force commanders the momentum they need to defeat the enemy," said Chief Warrant Officer Rich Satterfield, a pilot with A Co., 4/3 Avn., TF Viper, from Patterson, N.J.

    Maintaining momentum is key to exploiting enemy weaknesses and capitalizing on friendly gains on the battlefield. One way to quickly move combat power on the battlefield in order to capitalize on enemy weaknesses is through the use of Viper's Black Hawks. The Spiders 24-hour coverage over the P2K region ensures ground force commanders have the flexibility to move combat power when needed.

    A company with a call sign that dates back to Vietnam, the "Spiders," first made a name for themselves as the 188th Assault Helicopter Company. During the 1960s they made a name for itself as an armed UH-1 "Huey" gun platoon. The "Spiders" of Vietnam were known to the ground Soldiers and Green Berets as "The Spider People," and were characterized by their reputation for being the only helicopters brave enough to launch when ground units were under heavy enemy fire. Upon the completion of a successful engagement, the "Spiders" would always sign off with ground forces using their well-earned motto, "Guns up!"
(Note: The Spiders were not the only ones in the 188th, but were instead the gunship platoon that flew in support of the two slick platoons that were also part of the three flight platoons of the company known as the Black Widows. When the unit was re-designated as C Company, 101st Aviation Bn, in 1968 the gunships were reassigned to D company 101st Aviation Battalion and became the HAWKS.)

    The responsibility of upholding the legacy of their Vietnam brethren is not lost on the current "Spiders" of Company A.  "Being in one of the most storied helicopter companies in the U.S. Army is an awesome feeling and a responsibility that I take seriously," said Chief Warrant Officer Jim Layne, tactical operations officer, A Co., 4/3 Avn., TF Viper, from Wheelersburg, Ohio.

    Each of the A Co. aircraft are fittingly named after their Vietnam counterparts. Sudden Death, Satisfaction, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Cold Sweat, The O.D. Streak, Climax, and Seduction sit patiently on the flight line waiting for aviators like Chief Warrant Officer Nigel Huebscher, standardization officer, A Co., 4/3 Avn., TF Viper, from Abrams, Wis., and Sgt. Jason Struckman, flight instructor, A Co., 4/3 Avn., TF Viper, from San Diego, Calif., to launch them into the Afghanistan sky.
"I look forward to keeping up the proud lineage of the Spiders before us from the Vietnam era," said Chief Warrant Officer Huebscher. "Every day the "Spiders" of today work toward adding to the unit's long and growing legacy."

    Although flying combat missions garner the most attention on a daily basis, maintenance operations on the hot Salerno flight line drive every day operations. "Spider" crew chiefs and maintenance test pilots work around the clock to support the large flying hour program. Even without receiving accolades or recognizable praise from higher commands, the "Spider" crew chiefs recognize the importance of their jobs.

"    I feel very accomplished after fixing an aircraft and then getting in it to fly," said Sgt. Struckman.
...The last 50 feet of the approach stir the dust from the dry river bed as both Black Hawks are engulfed in heavy dust. The combination of low ambient light from the Afghanistan night and the use of night vision goggles allow the crews to land the aircraft on the ground in one of the most dangerous and unnerving maneuvers in aviation, the brownout landing.

    ...The crew chiefs shout "Go! Go! Go!" as the Soldiers rush from the aircraft into the dark night. Flying out of the landing zone in order, the pilots pull power as the aircraft literally jumps into the air in an attempt to climb out of the dust cloud. Once the aircraft is clear of the dust cloud, the crew chief shouts      "Clear the dust" as the pilot on the controls noses the aircraft forward to gain airspeed.

    Although air assault missions typically garner the most attention from a combat perspective, the Spiders became the workhorse of the P2K regions of Afghanistan through their ability to execute a diverse number of mission sets in support of ground force commanders. Resupply, reconnaissance, MEDEVAC escort, VIP transport, and air movements are just a few of the different mission sets executed daily by TF Viper's Black Hawks.
"I like my job because every day is something new; you never know what to expect," said Spc. Kurt Sanson, a crew chief, A Co., 4-3 Avn., TF Viper, from San Clemente, Calif.

    … As the Black Hawks execute an in-flight link up for the 15 minute flight back to FOB Salerno, there is almost a deafening silence between the aircraft and the crews. Another successful troop insertion and brownout dust landing under night vision goggles is complete. Once everyone regroups and heart rates return to normal, the typical banter between the pilots and crew chiefs of any combat tested unit begins again.

    When asked if he has anything left to say about the mission, Chief Warrant Officer Louis Baez, a pilot with A Co., 4-3 Avn., TF Viper, from Holyoke, Mass., responds for all the Spiders with the simplistic battle cry of their Vietnam brethren, "Guns up!"

    *The lineage of the 188th Aviation Company goes back to World War II.  On October 1, 1943 the United States Army activated the 2026th Quartermaster Truck Company, Aviation at Lockbourne Army Air Base in Ohio.  During World War II the 2026th participated in the New Guinea campaign in the South Pacific and was inactivated in Japan after the war on April 15, 1946.  On August 1, 1946 the 2026th was converted and re-designated as the 2026th Transportation Corps Truck Company.  On November 1, 1966 the 2026th was re-designated as the 188th Aviation Company, Air Mobile Light Aircraft (AML) allotted to the United States Third Army at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

    *188th Aviation Company (Air Mobile Light), 101st Aviation Battalion, 101st Airborne Division, Fort Campbell, Kentucky – Dau Tieng, South Vietnam – III Corps area of Operation (AO) (11/66 – 5/67).
188th Assault Helicopter Company “Black Widows”, 269th Combat Aviation Battalion “Black Barons”, 1st Aviation Brigade call sign:  “Hawk”, Dau Tieng (Camp Rainier), South Vietnam (5/67 – 3/68) Motto:  “AIM HIGH”.

    *188th Assault Helicopter Company, 308th Combat Aviation Battalion “Black Adler”, 1st Aviation Brigade, LZ Sally, South Vietnam – northern I (pronounced ‘eye’) Corps AO (3/68 – 7/68).
Spiders gun platoon (11/66 – 7/68), Motto:  “GUNS UP” The Spiders were reassigned to Delta Company (call sign:  “Hawk”), 101st Aviation Battalion, 101st Air Cav Division and became the 3rd platoon.

    *Charlie Company, 101st Assault Helicopter Battalion (Wings of the Eagle), 101st Air Cav Division – LZ Sally, South Vietnam – northern I Corps AO (7/68 – 8/68).  The 101st didn’t like be referred to as the “Air Cav” so their commanders quickly changed their designation back to “Airborne” in August 1968.

    *Charlie Company, 101st Assault Helicopter Battalion (Wings of the Eagle), 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile), LZ Sally (8/68 – 4/69).

    *Charlie Company, 101st Assault Helicopter Battalion (Wings of the Eagle), 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile), Phu Bai, located just south of Hue, South Vietnam (4/69 – 2/72).

    *Charlie Company, 101st Assault Helicopter Battalion (Wings of the Eagle), 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile), Fort Campbell, Kentucky (2/72 – 7/76).

    *Charlie Company, 101st Aviation Battalion (Wings of the Eagle), 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), Fort Campbell, Kentucky (7/76 – 10/81).

    *Alpha Company, 158th Aviation Battalion, 101st Aviation Regiment, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), Fort Campbell, Kentucky (10/81 – 10/87).

    *Alpha Company, 5th Aviation Battalion (Eagle Assault), 101st Aviation Regiment, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), Fort Campbell, Kentucky (10/87 – 7/89).

    *Alpha Company, 6th Aviation Battalion, 101st Aviation Regiment, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), Fort Campbell, Kentucky (7/89 – 12/89).

    *Alpha Company, 9th Battalion (Eagle Strike), 101st Aviation Regiment, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), Fort Campbell, Kentucky, Afghanistan, Iraq (12/89 – 5/04).  Motto:  “Mate and Kill”

    *A/9/101 “BLACK WIDOWS” were re-flagged A/4/3 in May of 2004 after returning to Fort Campbell from their 2003 – 2004 tour in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

    *Alpha Company, 4th Battalion (Marne Assault), 3rd Aviation Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division adopted “Spiders” as the company’s call sign.  They were first deployed to Iraq from February 2005 thru 2006.  The company deployed again to Iraq in May 2007 and is based at Camp Striker under the command of Captain Sean O’Connell.  The majority of A/4/3 aviators were former Black Widows from A/9/101.  Motto:  “GUNS UP” (5/04 to present).

    *Charlie Company, 4th Aviation Regiment (Wings of the Eagle), 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) C/4/101, the new “Black Widows,” deployed in Iraq from October 2005 thru 2006 under the command of their first female commander, Black Widow 06, Captain Melissa Jones.  Motto:  “Mate and Kill” (5/04 to present).

    *On a historic note:  the Comancheros, Kingsmen and Black Widows of the present day 4th Aviation Regiment (Wings of the Eagle) also served together in 101st Aviation Battalion in South Vietnam from July 1, 1968 till February 1972.

One man’s rendering  of the early days in-country
Black Widows Go Operational - By Dick Detra

    Some of the 188th crews had been working with their sister unit, the 116th AHC Hornets, for the two weeks prior to becoming operational on June 15, 1967.  This major operation was the first time that the Black Widows went out as a unit without being under some other commander’s tactical control.

    A fully constituted Mobile Riverine Force consisting of 52 armored troop carriers, 10 monitors, 4 command boats and 2 refuelers set up anchorage at Nha Be.  From June 13th through the 17th operations were conducted in the Rung Sat Special Zone as part of the 9th Infantry Division’s Operation Great Bend, which was supposed to bring greater security to the Long Tau shipping channel. The Black Widows and Spiders were provided by II Field Force and used extensively to move troops within the area of operation.  Although a base camp, believed to have been the recent site of the headquarters controlling VC actions in the Rung Sat Special Zone was found, no contact was made with the enemy.

    On June 18th the Mobile Riverine Force moved to a new anchorage at the junction of the Soi Rap and Vam Co Rivers in preparation for operations in the Can Giuoc District of eastern Long An Province, and the Go Cong Province in Northern IV Corps.  Can Giouc was located 15 miles south of Saigon at the junction of the Rach Cac Ricer and Cac Tram stream.  Normally the 3rd Brigade operated west of Can Giouc District to lend security by its operations along Highway 4; however Can Giouc was outside the Brigade’s routine area of operation.  The 9th Division base camp during this time frame was located at Bear Cat.  Tan An, the 3rd Brigade base camp was located in the extreme southern reaches of III Corps, south of Saigon on the Vam Co Tay River.  Rach Kien located 7 miles southwest of Can Giouc was used as a staging area for this operation.  This was the first of many operations for the 188th in support of the “Old Reliables” of the 3rd Brigade, 9th Infantry Division, which were the only companies assigned to the Riverine Force.  The 6 companies involved in this two-day battle were A, B, and C of the 3rd Battalion and companies A, B, and C  of the 4th Battalion, 47th Infantry and the 2nd Battalion, 46th Infantry Regiment (ARV:  Army of the Republic of Vietnam) which were used as a blocking force.

    On June 19th the initial CA (Combat Assault) insertion carrying grunts from Alpha Company, 4th  Battalion, 47th Infantry got chewed up bad, losing close to 80 men.  The Black Widow flight of slick’s and Spider gunships took a pounding….taking beau-coup hits from heavy .30 and .50 cal automatic weapons fire directed at them from fortified bunker positions on the ground.
At 1155 hours, at co-ordinates XS 865727, Spider gunship #66-00707 took a round through the fuel cell and crew chief;  SP5 Gary Cabigon was wounded in the leg.  The A/C set the gunship down at Rach Kien where Cabigon was given medical attention for his wound while the rest of the crew waited for “Pipesmoke” to arrive and pick up the damaged gunship.  By the time Gary returned to the location of his downed gunship it was gone along with the crew.  He had been left behind at Rach Kien and listed as missing in action.  When Cabigon finally made it back to Dau Tieng, after hitching rides on other helicopters, he headed directly to the orderly room where 1SG Ray DePalm and the CO, Major Bobby Wofford, were discussing missions.  Nothing was said to Cabigon about where he had been or what had happened to him, so he just went back to his hooch and flew on another mission the next day.  Spider door gunner SP4 Stan Moody was also wounded during the battle.

    That afternoon the Black Widows were tasked with flying re-supply all afternoon.  It was one dull mission after another of cokes, beer, and ice to the grunts on the ground.  Aircraft Commander (A/C) Captain Arnold D. Amoroso (flying left seat), WO1 Alfred “Pappy Snook (flying right seat), Crew Chief SP5 Joe Matt, and door gunner SP4 Bill Crabbe crewed one of the 2nd platoon slicks that day.  They decided to keep a case of beer in consideration for their tireless efforts.  Joe Matt and Bill Crabbe were told to find a place to stash it; not an easy thing to do on a Huey.  Around 1615 hours Amoroso’s crew was given an ammo re-supply mission northwest of Can Giouc at co-ordinates XS 773693.  They contacted the unit in the LZ and they responded that they were popping yellow smoke.  Almost simultaneously two yellow smokes appeared.  Pappy radioed the ground commander “Tally Ho yellow smoke.”  But something just didn’t look right and he expressed his concerns to Captain Amoroso.  All of the infantry guys were off to one side of the LZ there were no friendly troops on the other side of the LZ.  The most disturbing fact was that there wasn’t anyone guiding them down into the LZ.  Slicks usually unloaded from both sides so that the Huey and the crew weren’t on the ground any longer than humanly possible.  On final approach Pappy saw VC off to his 2 o’clock position taking aim at Captain Amoroso and himself.

    Amoroso nearly fatally, had decided to land at the nearest smoke.  Pappy had the stick and made his approach low and slow over the river.  As Pappy turned right base Amoroso was looking into the distance at the Rung Sat Special Zone and the surprisingly large naval craft supporting the operation.  As he turned his head to focus on the landing, an AK-47 round came through the nose compartment and instrument panel, passing close to Pappy’s knee and within inches of Amoroso’s shoulder…hitting the left door channeling as it exited.  The round hit a toggle switch on the instrument panel sending fragments of shrapnel flying in all directions.  Pappy was hit with forty-seven shrapnel fragments, his right hand and left leg taking the brunt of the blast.  Captain Amoroso was wounded in the upper right arm and shoulder.  Another round exploded through Pappy’s door on the right side just missing his head.  As they cleared the area Amoroso asked the guys in back if they were alright.  Matt responded that he had been shot between the eyes.  He then asked “How can you be talking if you were shot between the eyes?”

    Amoroso turned and looked back at his crew chief and saw that a piece of the door channeling had lodge in his upper nose.  Those four guys were very lucky.  The crew’s inexperience had almost gotten them killed.  Unfortunately the lessons that the Black Widows learned on this mission and the knowledge they would gain on future missions in order to survive would be learned under fire.  When 2nd flight platoon leader Captain Walter Addy was infused into another III Corps unit later in the year Captain Amoroso took over the 2nd platoon.

    Crew Chief Joe Matt, at full alert in the back was anxious because it was getting dark and he could barely make out the friendly troops who were on one side of the LZ and the VC who were on the other side in the tree line.  Charlie had been monitoring the radio traffic and popped the yellow smoke at the same moment as the American unit.  His A/C was headed for the wrong smoke.  When Joe heard the rounds exploding through the cockpit he turned to see what was happening and was hit between the eyes.  Because of the darkness matt hadn’t pulled his ballistic helmet visor down and that would have protected his face.  Door gunner Crabbe was the only crew member to come away unscathed.  They got the hell out of there and flew back to Rach Kien, where they were patched up by medics and flew home to the “WEB” at Dau Tieng. 

    On June 20th the 4th Battalion, 47th infantry searched south to regain contact with the enemy.  Moving by helicopter and on foot the battalion found the enemy north of Rach Gion Ong stream at Aps Naman and aided by a company of the 2nd battalion, 60th infantry decimated the enemy with close-in fire support from Spider gunships, fast movers, and artillery.  That same day Crew Chief Sp/4 Ron Merlock’s 2nd platoon slick was given the job of picking up the bodies of Alpha Company from the battle field and flying them back to Tan An.

    Following the battles of June 19-20, the Mobile Riverine Force remained in the Can Giouc area, capitalizing on the knowledge obtained of the area and attacking small elements of the VC 5th Nha Be Battalion and other local guerrillas.

    It just so happened that during this operation, on June 20th the Spiders began pulling night Counter Mortar (CM) at Dau Tieng.  A Spiders gunship would patrol twice during the night over specific outlined areas around Camp Rainier.  During this same time frame other elements of the 188th were supporting the 18th ARVN Division based at Duc Hoa, another very hot area located a few miles west of Saigon.
On June 23rd Alpha Company, 4th Battalion, 45th Infantry, which had taken heavy losses, were non-operational and flown to Dong Tam by the Black Widows to begin a two-week period of refitting and re-training. 

    The enemy unit was identified as the VC 5th Nha Be Battalion and Local Force guerrillas.  During the battle the 188th was used extensively to move troops when the riverine assault craft were limited by lack of navigable streams.  Close-in fire support was provided during the daylight hours and well into the night by Spider gunships.  Black Widow slicks were available for medical evacuation and ammo re-supply.

    On June 22nd Spider gunship #66-00711, known in the platoon as the “Crap Shooter” was shot down at Rach Kien along with the slick tail #66-16118 which auto-rotated into the woods.  Crap Shooter took hits to the drive shaft, pedals control, and instrument panel.  The slick took hits to the tail boom, tail rotor, belly and instrument panel.  Unfortunately during the recovery effort a CH-47 dropped the damaged slick and was written off as a total combat loss.

Unit Casualities – While in Nam and since the rest of us came home…

KIA - Date listed yr/mo/date
Richard    Moore    KIA 67/05/17
Harold    Fetner    KIA 67/05/19
Jerry    Beckham    KIA 67/05/19
Douglas    Noel    KIA 67/07/31
Henry    Cauthen    KIA 67/07/31
James    Poggemeyer    KIA 67/07/31
Joseph    Allwood    KIA 67/07/31
Paul E    Williams    KIA 67/07/31
Robert M    Wallace    KIA 67/07/31
Rodney    Davie    KIA 67/07/31
Wayne    VanLant    KIA 67/07/31
Alfred J    Smith    KIA 67/08/30
James T    Donahue Jr    KIA 67/09/22
Frank    Kerbl    KIA 67/10/07
Ellis    Bailey    KIA 67/10/11
Boyd    Morrow    KIA 67/10/13
Jimmie    Green    KIA 67/10/13
David    Thomas    KIA 67/11/03
Robert W    Watts    KIA 67/11/22
John     Holz    KIA 67/12/19
Joe Dean    Helvey    KIA 68/05/18
Harry    Kim    KIA 68/08/05
David    Sparks    KIA 68/10/24
Richard    Riley    KIA 68/10/24
Erik    Pulliam    KIA 69/03/28
Ronald    Ricciardo    KIA 69/03/28
Wilofard    McClain III    KIA 69/03/28
Joe Carl    Shaw    KIA 69/08/21
Willard    Richardson    KIA 69/08/21
Ronald    Baker    KIA 70/02/10
William T    Dotson    KIA 70/09/20
Norman    Paley    KIA 70/11/24
John J    Wilson    KIA 70/12/16
Robert T    Callan    KIA 70/12/16
Phililp Dean    Sharp    KIA 71/05/23
Rudolph    Stevens    KIA 71/05/23
Steven    Minkler    KIA 71/05/23
Jay    Aston    KIA 71/07/18
David N    Johnston    KIA 72/02/25
Richard    Crocker    KIA 72/03/17
Charles C    Windeler    KIA 72/04/05
Dan    Kingman    KIA 72/05/24
Leroy    McKeever    SUI 68/05/18

Died After Tour (DAT) date of death listed as yr/mo/date
Bobby    Wofford    DAT 00/01/08
Michael F    Perrine    DAT 00/01/28
Leon    Ellis    DAT 00/07/06
Gary E    Hobbs    DAT 00/12/09
Maurice    Harvey    DAT 00/12/31
John J    Rementer    DAT 01/01/04
Phillip    Neal    DAT 01/08/26
Martin L    Fletchall    DAT 01/10/01
Gary    Veino    DAT 01/11/30
Grover    Hopper    DAT 01/12/05
Kenneth Al     Elliott    DAT 02/06/17
Gerald S    Hill    DAT 02/06/28
Garold    Demmon    DAT 02/07/14
Roger    Meador    DAT 02/08/10
George    Talley    DAT 02/09/24
Homer J    Prevost    DAT 02/11/23
Guy    Briggs    DAT 02/11/27
Charles    Deans    DAT 02/11/28
Ruben    Varela    DAT 02/12/07
Richard K    Hinkle    DAT 02/12/13
Roger    Davis    DAT 03
Thomas C    Herrmann    DAT 03/02/19
James F    Bechtold    DAT 03/03/02
Raymond M    Ortega    DAT 03/03/05
Tim M    McCoy    DAT 03/03/20
Ronny D    Burrell    DAT 03/06/12
James    Merryman    DAT 03/06/24
Richard    Washburn    DAT 03/07/19
Ronald P    Coffey    DAT 03/10/01
Larry G     Horton    DAT 03/11/11
Henry H    Heckert    DAT 03/11/14
Thomas R    Hester    DAT 03/11/19
Floyd     Luper    DAT 04/03/02
Melvin G    Crabtree    DAT 04/03/12
Hugh    Martin     DAT 04/03/21
John     Pomeroy    DAT 04/03/22
Robert    Muhlethaler    DAT 04/03/29
Marshall    Goff    DAT 04/07/13
Lawrence F    Uppleger    DAT 04/07/16
Patrick Mike    Ward    DAT 04/08/15
Jose J    Crespin    DAT 04/09/08
Alvin R    Taylor Jr    DAT 04/10/30
Ed    Pettinato    DAT 04/11/28
Jose A    Batista    DAT 04/11/28
Douglas    Allred    DAT 04/12/07
Robert J    Grindel    DAT 05/05/13
Thomas     Palmer    DAT 05/05/21
David E    Helms    DAT 05/05/26
Kenneth D    Cannata     DAT 05/06/11
John     Steele    DAT 05/09/02
Arthur C    Williams    DAT 05/10/05
Tarance    Gilham    DAT 05/11/20
John M    Beck    DAT 05/12/13
Robert     Clark    DAT 05/12/31
Lewis C    Henry    DAT 06/01/04
Alex    Vieglais    DAT 06/03/04
Lee    Handley    DAT 06/03/30
Curtis    Gaskins    DAT 06/04/13
William S    Arena    DAT 06/05/15
Gregory L    Stroud    DAT 06/09/02
Elijah    Bradford    DAT 06/09/15
Dennis H    Nowaczowski    DAT 06/11/30
Charles P    Koerner    DAT 06/12/27
Robert W    Lintz    DAT 07/02/23
Marshall E    Hess    DAT 07/02/26
Joe    Sulak    DAT 07/03/08
Jerry    Emery    DAT 07/06/0/
Jimmy D    Moody    DAT 07/06/07
Paul W    Geving    DAT 07/06/21
John H      Brahaney    DAT 07/07/07
Douglas    Crain    DAT 07/08/03
John    Dadian    DAT 07/08/10
Larry    Greene    DAT 07/08/18
Kyle D    Sanders    DAT 07/08/28
Douglas B    Mechling    DAT 07/11/08
Arvol R    Bird    DAT 07/11/20
Thomas R    Stalley    DAT 07/12/22
Timothy E    Doyle    DAT 08/07/22
Harold J    Baber     DAT 08/09/06
James    Nero    DAT 08/09/30
Alfred    Nute    DAT 08/10/01
Robert E    Waggoner    DAT 08/10/02
Charles    Lenceski    DAT 08/10/11
Frank B    Roache    DAT 08/10/30
Kenneth    Pokorski    DAT 08/11/07
Buddy C    Losey    DAT 08/11/08
James    Parrish    DAT 09/01/02
Larry    Loddewig    DAT 09/02/07
Richard    Toivonen    DAT 09/02/24
Richard    Adamski    DAT 09/04/23
Thomas F    Childress    DAT 09/04/29
Richard L    Kaplan    DAT 09/06/18
William P    Poynter    DAT 09/10/22
Mark S    Lenick    DAT 09/10/24
Charles E    Lockett    DAT 09/11/02
Harold D    Norris    DAT 09/11/04
James    Vick    DAT 09/11/23
James W    Searcy    DAT 09/12/04
Claude E    Woolard    DAT 09/20/18
Edward F    Cherny    DAT 10/01/05
Charles W    Cote    DAT 10/02/12
Bob     Crow    DAT 10/02/24
Alan V    McCulloch    DAT 10/03/03
Larry K    Munger    DAT 10/05/05
Clarence E    Gray    DAT 10/05/21
Cleve Ellison    Loyd    DAT 10/06/13
Jack C    Hoover    DAT 10/08/06
John    Thibault    DAT 10/08/11
John    Crockett Jr    DAT 10/10/06
Michael    Vickroy    DAT 10/11/01
Herbert    Yott    DAT 10/11/26
Joseph    Felicione    DAT 10/12/02
Charles    Collins    DAT 10/12/28
Howard    Hunt    DAT 11/01/03
Howard    Listion    DAT 11/01/03
David    Carter    DAT 11/04/17
James Ray    Hedge    DAT 11/04/21
David M    Vendemia    DAT 11/05/20
Forrest G    White    DAT 11/07/14
Donald G    Richardson    DAT 11/08/28
Jimmy    Helm    DAT 11/08/28
Jack    Carpenter    DAT 11/09/08
Kenneth    Lockridge    DAT 11/09/27
William L    Swoyer    DAT 11/12/18
William W    Ennels    DAT 11/13/08
Howard L    Weirich    DAT 12/01/08
Chet    Klimkiewicz    DAT 12/02/13
Charles    Restivo    DAT 12/03/23
Darrow O    Smith    DAT 12/04/17
Richard    Brock    DAT 12/05/03
Steven J    Hull    DAT 12/05/15
Floyd    Wilson    DAT 12/05/26
David    Sennabaum    DAT 12/06/15
Cecil    Bobo    DAT 12/06/22
Gary R    Stayton    DAT 12/07/02
Ramon    DePalm    DAT 12/07/10
Thomas E    Peek    DAT 12/07/15
Claude T    Price    DAT 12/07/31
Gary    Phillips    DAT 12/08/01
Robert     Seiler    DAT 12/08/02
Albert L    Ellis    DAT 12/08/19
David F    Fouche    DAT 12/09/02
Jon F    Evans    DAT 12/09/11
John J    Dubose    DAT 12/09/16
Edgar    Cleek    DAT 12/10/14
Arthur T    Knox    DAT 12/11/07
Arlie    Wells    DAT 12/12/22
Gregory    Brantley    DAT 12/12/29
Freddie    Gowens    DAT 13/01/20
John J    Lacko    DAT 13/03/09
Benny    Scott    DAT 13/12/01
David    Brenenstall    DAT 13/6/14
James     Daley    DAT 14/01/18
James    Carlyle    DAT 14/02/26
Thomas    Bartleson    DAT 14/02/26
Jimmy    Ogle    DAT 14/11/03
Harold A    Clark III    DAT 14/11/26
Harold Beal    Smith    DAT 14/12/01
Randall    Lawhorn    DAT 15/01/28
Emery    Pitman    DAT 15/02/20
David    Bryan    DAT 69
Bobbie    Brewer    DAT 70/02/14
James E    Hensley    DAT 70/10/15
Roland    Barton    DAT 71/04/00
David    Demarest    DAT 71/08/10
William L    Barnett    DAT 72/02/05
Arthur    Smith    DAT 72/03/17
Howard W    Blanton    DAT 72/04/25
Ronald S    Dueser    DAT 73/01/21
John A    Small     DAT 73/04/00
Steven    Spain    DAT 73/04/24
James J    Eisert    DAT 74/02/00
Theodore R    Fiedler    DAT 74/02/00
George    Bancer    DAT 74/05/27
Thomas S    Whitley    DAT 75/05/00
Jack D    Madison    DAT 76/10/00
Juan F    Corrall    DAT 76/12/15
Clifton James    Gale    DAT 77/06/12
Edmund    Vandervort    DAT 79/02/12
H. Dwayne    Rogers    DAT 79/03
Thomas R    Sweeney    DAT 80/03/00
Mario    Alejandro    DAT 80/03/15
Charles J    Padie    DAT 80/12/00
Omer    Hall    DAT 81/10/15
Harvey    Toombs    DAT 82/07/00
Lief    Straub    DAT 82/12/15
Michael L    Allen    DAT 83/08/00
Rodger W    Robinson    DAT 83/12/00
Anthony    Skerbitz    DAT 84/06
Thomas    Anderson    DAT 84/06
Bruce    Wright    DAT 84/10
Hector M    Guerrero    DAT 85/04/15
Cletus M    Baldridge    DAT 86/02/00
Bobby H    Cooksey    DAT 86/04/00
Harry H    Morton III    DAT 87
William    Sondey    DAT 87/01/15
Daniel Y    Bryson    DAT 87/04/04
Ray     Wood    DAT 87/04/15
James    Shumber    DAT 87/05
Hubert    Arrowood    DAT 87/06/00
Richard D    Freese    DAT 87/07/15
Edward    Koetting    DAT 88
William     Clayton    DAT 89
John R    Fore    DAT 89/01/00
Terry F    Brissette    DAT 89/05/17
John     McTaggert    DAT 89/08/25
Leo     Howell    DAT 92/01/13
John S    McCall Jr    DAT 92/02/15
Stanley    Moody    DAT 92/03/00
Billy A    Ford    DAT 92/06/30
Cassimer    Klimek    DAT 92/06/30
Robert    Sodouski    DAT 92/12/15
David    Hansen    DAT 93/04/19
Aaron    Wilbourn    DAT 93/07/15
Wayne    Boles    DAT 93/10/20
Percy C    Robinson     DAT 94/01/15
John S.    Cowan    DAT 94/03/00
Victor K    Voisine    DAT 94/09/22
Floyd    Breitmeyer    DAT 94/11/22
Sam    Rufus    DAT 94/12/15
Eugene J    Galimi    DAT 94/12/29
Edwin    Rudzinski    DAT 95/02/23
Jack    Thorpe    DAT 95/05/18
Joseph    Lane    DAT 95/11/05
Joseph    Moreau    DAT 95/11/09
Sergio    Kornov    DAT 96/01/04
Victor      Sebastiano    DAT 96/01/13
Thomas M    Doyle    DAT 96/04/59
Michael    Voight    DAT 96/09/00
Lester E    Ganoe    DAT 96/11/01
Thomas    Randall    DAT 96/11/26
Robert E    Vaughn    DAT 97/02/12
Raymond    White    DAT 97/03/05
Carl J    Lapine    DAT 97/03/15
Perry    Lausch    DAT 97/03/15
Barry    Greenwood    DAT 97/08/23
Donald    Moss    DAT 97/09/20
Timothy H    Bristol    DAT 97/11/04
James    Costner    DAT 98/01/13
Scott R    Carson    DAT 98/09/12
Robert J    Burton    DAT 98/10/04
Raymond F    Cole    DAT 99/01/05
Arturo    Sanchez    DAT 99/04/22
Benjamin D    Jones    DAT 99/05/15
David O    Harbaugh    DAT 99/05/22
James    McIntire    DAT 99/05/26
James D    Wallace    DAT 99/05/26
Thomas J    Prillo    DAT 99/06/17
Richard A    Curtis    DAT 99/06/27
John A    Bell    DAT 99/07/23
Robert    Mauseth    DAT 99/09/25
Brian    Clutter    DAT unconfirmed
James R    Peterson    DAT unconfirmed

Wounded in Action - date listed yr/mo/date
First Name    Last Name    KIA/WIA/DAT
Don    Amoroso    WIA 67/06/19
Dave    Anderson    WIA 67/06/20
George    Andrews    WIA 67/06/24
Gregory    Arrowood    WIA 67/06/24
Michael    Bartkowiak    WIA 71/07/18
David    Beale    WIA 67/06/24
Allen J    Bending    WIA 68/02/15
William     Bengtson    WIA 71/07/15
Dennis    Blankenship    WIA 68/11/00
William     Bramlett    WIA 67/05/19
Doug    Butts    WIA 68/07/22
Gerard    Cabigon    WIA 67/06/20
Richard    Cadreau    WIA 67/08/07
Roger    Caffrey    WIA 70/11/24
Harold    Camp    WIA 67/09/15
Ronald    Carpenter    WIA 68/01/01
Maurice E    Charbonneau    WIA 67/11/09
Larry    Clark    WIA 68/08/04
Robert    Clewell    WIA 68/06/00
Irwin    Cockett    WIA 68/01/05
Jack    Cooley    WIA 67/06/24
Bill    Crabbe    WIA 68/01/31
John    Crouch    WIA 69/03/22
William     Crouch    WIA 70/02/24
Thomas    Crumb    WIA 67/06/19
Clement    Custer    WIA 71/07/18
Johnny    Dean    WIA 69/09/17
Humbert    DeGregory    WIA 67/06/24
Allan    Dluski    WIA 67/10/25
Gerald    Doht    WIA 68/01/04
Robert    Faires    WIA 68/07/12
Harold    Fugate    WIA 68/05/10
Wesley    Gager    WIA 68/01/07
George    Garich    WIA 69/05/31
Anthony    Gonzalez    WIA 69/05/10
Larry Dale    Green    WIA 67/05/19
James     Grindstaff    WIA 67/06/24
Thomas    Grummel    WIA 68/01/10
Geoffrey    Handel    WIA 68/02/12
Dannie L    Harshaw    WIA 67/11/09
David    Headley    WIA 69/04/00
Lonnie    Heidtke    WIA 69/04/13
Carl Ron    Higdon    WIA 70/08/00
Robert     Holmes    WIA 68/07/17
L.P "Jesse"    James    WIA 70/06/22
James    Jarvis    WIA 72/05/14
Jesse    Johnson    WIA 67/10/10
William     Karins    WIA 69/05/31
LeRoy    Lamb    WIA 67/11/17
Frank    Linster    WIA 67/11/09
Terry G    Manfred    WIA 69/03/22
Robert    Marks    WIA 71/05/10
Joseph    Matt    WIA 67/06/19
Timothy    Metcalfe    WIA 68/08/18
Dean    Murphy    WIA 68/08/04
John     Newcomer    WIA 68/01/04
Jack    O'Roark    WIA 69/03/22
Lee    Over    WIA 66/03/19
James    Parrish    WIA 68/04/20
Charles    Patrick    WIA 68/01/31
Robert    Pike    WIA 70/11/24
John     Sanchez    WIA 68/08/05
Ross    Scott    WIA 67/08/27
Donald Ray    Scribner    WIA 67/12/15
Robert    Setzer    WIA 67/09/22
Brent    Shepley    WIA 69/05/01
Billy    Shotwell    WIA 71/11/05
Samuel J    Smith    WIA 71/08/05
Theodore    Smith    WIA 68/10/24
Phillip A    Snodgrass    WIA 67/11/09
Alfred    Snook    WIA 67/06/19
Don     Sparks    WIA 67/06/24
Douglas    Spies    WIA 68/07/04
Robert    Spradlin    WIA 68/05/25
Harold F    Staley    WIA 68/09/20
James    Stepp    WIA 67/05/19
William    Stubbs    WIA 68/02/12
James    Trueblood    WIA 67/08/30
Ken    Tuel    WIA 68/10/24
Ray    Urbansky    WIA 70/10/20
Paul    Wheeler    WIA 68/08/04
Mike    Willie    WIA 68/10/24
Tim    Wingerd    WIA 68/01/04
Joseph    Wittner    WIA 67/06/24
Danny    Wooley    WIA 67/11/22
Warren    Wright    WIA 68/02/07


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