VHPA Black Widows & Spiders

188th AHC and C/101
Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association

Chapter President:
LT Col Robert Janes, USA (retired)

Association (Chapter) Founders:
BW38 Bob Crow (Deceased, 1947-2010)
Bw20 Joe Sulak (Deceased, 1948-2007)

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      Current Spiders at Hunter AAF 02/03
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The Promise by Jack Murphy (youtube)

ALSO.... The following named men who served with the Black Widows/Spiders (188th AHC and later C/101) have been reported as deceased. IF anyone has any information that proves an entry on the list is in error, please contact Richard Green @ signalocsbw36@comcast.net
Thank you. Regards ~ Richard

Deceased Roll Call update 04/02/17

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Richard Green, BW36 (1969-1970)